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DiVA™ Digital Video Advertising

Channel Islands boasts a team of highly experienced digital television engineers who have worked together on successful teams in the past. The company founders are responsible for numerous successful start-up ventures since 1989, and are now looking to leverage their experience and contacts to bring more meaningful solutions to the market for international television distribution. With meaningful relationships at all of the major Hollywood studios, the Channel Islands team has a rare understanding of the underlying concerns of the major stake holders. This understanding often translates into well designed products that help broadcasters and operators position themselves appropriately within the larger eco-system. The Channel Islands DiVA™ Solution may be your sensible choice.



Chief Executive Officer Ross Cooper has 30 years of experience as a software developer, successful entrepreneur and founder of Channel Islands. He is an accomplished inventor with numerous patents to his name. Founding Verimatrix in 2000, he built a dynamic and focused management team that moved Verimatrix quickly into a market-leading position. It overtook the category leader in 2004 – just four years after launch. Today, Verimatrix is the recognized leader in content security and watermarking for IPTV deployments worldwide, and counts more than 500 multichannel service providers as its customers. In 2003, Mr. Cooper proposed a watermarking plan to the Motion Picture Association and all major Hollywood studios. Mr. Cooper’s plan was approved by the Hollywood community at large, and watermarking processes were initiated later that year. Today, DVDs sent for Academy Award or Golden Globe consideration are typically watermarked thanks to Mr. Cooper’s efforts in this area. Mr. Cooper is the Executive Producer for several movies, television and music projects. Mr. Cooper is a trusted advisor and valued partner to several major Hollywood studios, in particular 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. and has been responsible for the creation and operation of many new technology companies in the areas of Education, Psychometrics and Health Sciences.



Chief Technology Officer Bob is CTO of Channel Islands and brings 32 years of leading edge experience in TV broadcast engineering, security, networking, computer design and technology management. Bob architected the DiVA video advertising solution to be highly scalable, very reliable, with innovative ad campaign management, ad switching, and ad delivery features.Bob has an extensive background in patents including 9 issued patents and 14 pending patents covering digital advertising delivery, security, and hardware architectures for video distribution. Bob also designed a broadcast TV middleware system that incorporates social media features and innovative encryption and security system advances that define the new state of the art for video encryption. Prior to joining Channel Islands Bob was cofounder of Verimatrix and CTO from 2000 through 2008. Verimatrix is a market leading IPTV Security Company and Bob’s inventions and approach to security positioned Verimatrix as one of the most innovative security technology companies in pay-TV security.During Bob’s time at Verimatrix the company grew from no customers to over 300 satellite, cable, and IPTV operator customers that serviced over 15 million subscribers using the Verimatrix system. Prior to Verimatrix Bob was co-founder and CTO of Internet Magic a fax over Internet company whose technology was exclusively licensed by the Dialogic group of Intel.In the late 1990’s Bob developed a microTCP stack that became the basis of Conexant’s embedded TCP products. Other products developed by Bob have been sold or licensed to IBM, AT&T, NCR, Western Digital, TDK, Silicon Systems, Yamaha, and others.Bob has been founder or co-founder of venture backed companies and participated in helping raise over $50 million in venture capital.



Senior Vice President, Engineering Mike Beatty has worked in the software development industry for over 30 years and has played a key role in several startup software companies. Mr. Beatty joins Channel Islands after eight years at Verimatrix, where he was chief architect of the award winning VCAS product line. Mr. Beatty is the chief architect of the DIVA systems developed by his team of expert engineers at Channel Islands. Mr. Beatty designed the DIVA systems using the same modular design concepts he used to create the award winning VCAS product line at Verimatrix. Mr. Beatty’s expertise is developing new products and technologies and building the software development teams required to bring these products to market. His particular expertise in cryptography, security, networking and designing large scalable software systems for tier 1 telephone companies on a variety of platforms contributed greatly to Verimatrix’s success. Prior to Verimatrix, Mr. Beatty was the chief architect and developer for American Grocer, where he created an online grocery store consisting of multiple integrated systems for ordering, scheduling, delivering and replenishing groceries over the Internet. As a founder of Nicheware Systems, Inc., Mr. Beatty created helpdesk software applications that provided remote control and helpdesk tracking systems. He has worked with a number of Southern California companies, including Peregrine Systems, American Grocer, and Candle Corporation.



Software Developer Tom Rainey has over ten years of experience in the software industry. In 1999 he joined St. Bernard Software where he built highly-scalable and distributed software solutions. In 2001, Internet worms became more widespread and his efforts at St. Bernard Software provided system administrators with the ability to patch, update, and immunize tens of thousands of machines simultaneously. Mr. Rainey joined Verimatrix in the spring of 2005 where he received his introduction to the IPTV world. He produced significant server-side contributions within Verimatrix's category share-leader IPTV DRM solutions. His efforts assisted in Verimatrix's growth by interfacing the DRM solution with many Middleware market leaders, including Myrio/Siemens, Kasenna/Espial and SeaChange to name a few. Tom appreciates software for the problem solving aspect and enjoys building innovative solutions from the ground up.



Director of Product Development Mike Boom has worked in the software engineering field since 1986 where he has been employed writing software for various companies. His primary languages of expertise include C/C++ as well as Java. He has a diverse experience in computer software languages ranging from Awk to assembler on Mainframe systems. In 2004 Mr. Boom entered the IPTV field by becoming an employee of Verimatrix where he worked on both the Windows and Unix flavors of the Verimatrix VCAS system. His broad experience and ability makes him a valuable asset to any development team.



Director of Human Resources and Finance Nathan Marlow has been with Channel Islands since its inception in 2008. He initially worked in the finance department where he assisted with numerous accounting and human resource projects. He also assisted in the raising of angel funding. He now contributes to several integral parts of the Company including a new division focused on international television distribution.



VP of Business Development Randy Barakat is a seasoned Business Development, Marketing & Sales Executive with more than 20 years of experience in Domestic and international in software and hardware solutions for the Broadcast, Consumer Electronics and Electronic Components industries. Prior to joining Channel Islands, Mr. Barakat earned positions as VP Sales for UEC providing World-wide Business Development & Sales. After 4 years at UEC he worked for several solution providers in the broadcast industry. Having roles in sales management and sales development over last 10+ years he has been credited for influencing more than $100,000,000 in world-wide sales. Prior to this he held various positions in the USA and was advanced in the rank in AMP to an executive level position at AMP Export for Capital Good division Subs of AMP Inc (Tyco International) in France. Under his leadership sales increased 300% making his division one of the most profitable Divisions at AMP Export. Randy has substantial international experience in the EMEA, Asia and the America’s in driving sales and promoting new technology by meeting customer needs and requirements.